Inn Transitions is a grassroots, not for profit organization serving the Flagstaff’s homeless population in transition for the last 5 years with shelter and services. 

We strive to help ANYONE in need; whether for a moment, a few days, months or years.


The major focus of Inn Transitions is to help the individuals and

families not typically served by other local agencies such as:


Single parents with teenagers

Single fathers with children

Unwed couples and families

Homeless Veterans with a family

Families with a member on probation or in recovery

The disabled and/or elderly who have No One!



In 2012 we touched over 1,200 lives in some way....
We don't receive government funding to operate;
therefore, we need your help!



"As of March 1, 2013, Inn Transitions will be tailoring our efforts to take services to those in need; meeting them wherever they are!"

Kim Delgado, Inn Transitions President


The waiting list for the only Flagstaff Emergency Family Shelter consistently runs 40+ families, sometimes taking months to be accepted.
Catholic Charities, Flagstaff
532 children in the Flagstaff Unified School District are considered homeless.
FUSD - HomeStart